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  • i am using cpu based mapd i need to migrate data from cpu based mapd to gpu based mapd there are some huge amount of data in cpu based mapd so i need to migrate data from that mapd to gpu based mapd. so how to do this can someone please help me on this ...

  • Ok I'll try to reproduce with such cardinalities, and report back

  • Hi @Candido Dessanti , I have 7000000000​ of records with some 500000 different IDs. Thanks

  • Hi, I'm sorry both I've not be able to reproduce the issue; maybe it's a cardinality problem... how many distinct values has the ID field? i have 1508100000 of records with just 5041 different IDs; this is enough to saturate an instance constrained ...

  • Hi @Candido Dessanti , ​Thanks for reply. Yes, I am running different queries before the count. Please suggest for this issue and waiting for your response. Thanks


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