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  • Hi @Sumit Srivastava - Growing daily ingest volumes aren't going to necessarily cause memory issues, it's more of a function of how many columns of data you need in the queries. Could you highlight what your system CPU and GPU RAM are, the table structure ...

  • Hi , As we know Database size will grow day by day. However, not possible to keep equal amount of physical memory in system. I am doing some POC and observed following error. During this period not getting Reply for Select query. Please let us know ...

  • In my newest blog post, I highlight how to use SQLImporter from OmniSci to bulk load data from SQL Server to OmniSci. While the post names SQL Server specifically, the code examples will work with any relational database with a JDBC driver (with slight ...

  • hi @Candido Dessanti thanks a lot for your feedback ​​

  • Hi, I think this feature will really boost the use case of OmniSci.


  • Converge by OmniSci

    Converge is the first industry conference that specifically focuses on GPU technologies that are revolutionizing data analytics, data visualization, and data science.

    The three-day event will give big data analysts, geospatial analysts and data scientists the chance to engage with experts and thought leaders as they explore the latest innovations in the fast-growing field of GPU-accelerated analytics and data science.

    Use code Community50 for 50% off the conference!

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