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  • For those of you who are interested in a real-time streaming example, I've highlighted how to use Apache Kafka and StreamSets to insert data into OmniSci via JDBC. While this isn't a super high performance method for inserting data, the F1 regularly inserts ...

  • In terms of what community members can contribute, what interests you? We're definitely looking to collaborate with the community, not just tell people what we think is important :)

  • Hi @Jeon Woohyuck , We really missed your interesting questions About your first question Omnisci db doesn't support DMA transfers from the disk to vram. The memory manager uses as first cache layer the system ram; this makes possible a fall back ...

  • @Candido Dessanti and @Veda Shankar . Thanks for the detail responses.

  • Long time no see Mapd!! I have some question. Q1. MapD provide tech of SSD-to-GPU memory (DMA)?? Q2. I'm just asking because I'm just curious. Which parts of MapD-core do you think should be complemented by MapD developers? Where do you think you need ...


  • Converge by OmniSci

    Converge is the first industry conference that specifically focuses on GPU technologies that are revolutionizing data analytics, data visualization, and data science.

    The three-day event will give big data analysts, geospatial analysts and data scientists the chance to engage with experts and thought leaders as they explore the latest innovations in the fast-growing field of GPU-accelerated analytics and data science.