Dallas Business Intelligence Meetup

When:  Sep 12, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (CT)
Enter the next in-memory revolution, shifting workloads from CPUs to GPUs. In this interactive discussion, OmniSci will present how GPUs are disrupting the analytics space, what you can do with GPU-based analytics that’s not achievable with traditional means, and how we see analytics and data science workflows converging onto a common HPC environment moving forward.

Speaker Bios:
Brandon Rhymes is Director, Strategic Account for OmniSci. Brandon serves customers in the South Central US, including Texas. His focus is on identifying problems businesses face when analyzing very large data (including geospatial analysis and data science applications) and then quantifying the technical and economic impacts of their resolution.

Jason Bachman is a Solutions Engineer at OmniSci. He helps firms understand the power of GPU-accelerated data in their ecosystems, leads PoCs, and helps quantify the business value from using OmniSci. Prior to his 6+ years as a Solutions Engineer, he worked in analytics at global firms like JPMorganChase, Orbitz, and Groupon.