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    hi @Jeon Woohyuck , my runtimes are linear on the same are using for testing Into the attach the queries runtime, memory allocation and - output Regards ------------------------------ Candido Dessanti Dba Crismatica consulting Rome ----------- ...

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    Oh, Sorry. that log is cold cache, but the value I wrote is the time value after running the query about 5 times. ------------------------------ Jeon Woohyuck [[Unknown]] ------------------------------

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    Hi @Patrick Erdelt I have 3 gpu's in this machine so I used this set up for my sharding DROP TABLE IF EXISTS PART; CREATE TABLE PART ( P_PARTKEY BIGINT, P_NAME TEXT ENCODING DICT, P_MFGR TEXT ENCODING DICT, P_BRAND TEXT ENCODING DICT, P_TYPE ...

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    Hi Thanks for your continued exploration of OmniSci @Patrick Erdelt Could you share the precise CREATE table statements you used to build your test tables for the above result?​ In parallel I will test this locally to see if i can see the difference ...

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