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    Hi @Candido Dessanti same result sets for no shards 1xK80 and 4 shards 4xK80: select MonthYear, Actor1CountryCode, count(*) c, SUM(NumMentions) m from gdelt group by MonthYear, Actor1CountryCode ​ different result sets: select MonthYear, Actor1CountryCode, ...

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    Hi @Patrick Erdelt , cannot reproduce right now because I ran out of usable instances with multiple K80s on AWS; I'll try on the weekend. About the performance it depends on the query and the data; sharing queries you are using on the dataset ...

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    Hi @Candido Dessanti I see the following results in TPC-H, scaling factor = 1, Q5, i.e. query: select n_name, sum(l_extendedprice * (1 - l_discount)) as revenue from customer, orders, lineitem, supplier, nation, region where ...

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    Hi Eric, Any idea about how to solve this? ------------------------------ Leo [[Unknown]] ------------------------------

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