3d scatter chart needed


I’m new to mapd immerse.
How to create a 3d scatter plot in mapd immerse?

A 3d scatter plot example in javascript

A rough qna to create a custom 3d chart in Vega


Hi. I will send the idea to the team to add a 3D scatterplot in Immerse. But in the meantime my advice would be to use https://plot.ly/javascript/#3d-charts using mapd-connector directly. That would only work if your project can afford to gain total control by building a custom app. Here’s an example that could give you some insights about how to use 3D data from mapd-core in a custom app https://www.mapd.com/blog/3d-lidar-with-mapd-and-ubers-deck-gl/


Thanks for your answer. If I go with the plotly + connector way, can I still utilize the server render feature?


You can use all the SQL query power of OmniSci core (MapD just changed name in the middle of our discussion :slight_smile: ), but the server rendering doesn’t currently provide any backend rendering for 3d charts. The LIDAR demo I shared is a good place to start. Basically you upload you data coordinates and query them, say as x, y, z, and plot them directly on your 3d chart.