4.0 upgrade problem - "Sqlite3 Error: database is locked" after upgrade


Error message “Sqlite3 Error: database is locked” is seen on immerse login page after upgrade to 4.0.
And same errors on sqlimporter.

2018-06-25 06:00:24 ERROR SQLImporter:createMapDConnection:430 - Connection failed - org.apache.thrift.TApplicationException: Sqlite3 Error: database is locked



Can you describe the exact steps leading up to this event, can you attach the mapd_server.INFO logs as well.

Please also attach the backup copy of the data/mapd_catalogs from prior to migration to v4.0.0 and the copy of the directory after the migration.



remove .zip extension, please.

  • prior backup is not found, sadly.

mapd_catalogs.tgz.zip (376.0 KB)
mapd_server.INFO.gz.zip (2.3 KB)



@jude thanks for sharing the catalog.

We have been able to identify the issue and created a fix.

I have attached a replacement mapd file here which if you place in your data/map_catalogs/ directory your system should be able to continue on using version 4

Please let us know how it goes.

mapd.zip (376.2 KB)



Thanks so much! Your file works correctly.

  1. I replaced with your file and start mapd_server.
    At first time, server halts. Seconds are successful.

  2. Passwords are changed
    user mapd password : H… (default one)
    rest users password : don’t know, but different from old one.

So I fixed passwords using ALTER USER.


Hmm… another error occured.
Login is succesful, but dashboard doesn’t opened.


I can’t make any dashboard using multiple datasources.
And on “Data Manager” tab, every table don’t have error.


Above error occured only users that doesn’t have their own database.
I created some users, and changed privileges like below.
It worked before 4.0.