Additional Functionality in Immerse Dashboards


I am using the community edition that I downloaded and deployed on my own machine. I have played around with importing data, but feel someone constrained having a dashboard only being able to have data from one source.

I noticed this demo had more flexibility for adding data/charts to the dashboard than the others like this one. Why is that?


Hi @juanschwartz,

The flights demo dashboard is different because it is still on Version 1 of MapD Immerse (we’re about to switch it over to V2). Version 2 which is behind the other demos has most of the same functionality but it is just in different places (plus we put our V2 demos in demo mode that restricts some of the functionality). For example, in a non-demo V2 Immerse dashboard you can create joined views in the SQL editor and hence replicate the 2-way join allowed in V1 of Immerse.

Specifically to your wish for multi-source dashboards, this piece of functionality is in flight and will likely be released within the next month. The first release of multi-source dashboards will allow the addition of charts from different tables/sources while the second release will allow certain charts (i.e. line and map charts) to point to different tables and allow cross-filtering against the multiple tables with the application of a filter to a single chart.

Hopefully this answers your question!




That sounds awesome. In these multi-source dashboards, will there be the ability to “share” common fields? For example, I know I can’t do a join on many-to-many as the tables joined after the initial select from ha to have unique values on the column(s) being joined. However, if table A has a column Z and table B has a column Z, could I “link” filters/chart filters/etc to apply the same filter to two sources without doing a join? Ideally, being able to jump between “linked” column dashboards and preserving your filters would be really awesome for my clients’ workflows.

Also, if I downloaded and deployed the community version locally via running the startmapd command, is that launched in “demo” mode? I am coming over to mapd after facing issues adequately visualizing data indexed in ElasticSearch and I’ve only run it locally. I’m looking to stand something up in AWS to fully test my workflows. In addition to this, having the mapd-charting and mapd-connector libraries looks very promising for integrating and extending mapd where I need to.

Thanks again @darwin. I’ve been blown away by the throughput on my local machine’s graphic card. I cannot wait to see what this can do on a p2.8xlarge instance.




Hi @juanschwartz,

Yes, we will allow you to apply filters to multiple tables by filtering on a common attribute. Originally we were only looking to allow linked time and spatial filtering, although I could see use cases where it would make sense to filter on common text fields (i.e. state = ‘NY’). We’ll need to discuss that use case internally.

Re your second question no the dashboard should not be launched in demo mode unless you explicitly specify that in the config file. What were you looking for that you don’t see?

And great to hear that you are seeing great performance and interactivity, as that’s what ultimately gets us out of bed in the morning!