Aggregate function support


now my application need to use min/max on varchar data, but now mapd-core does not support this yet. Do you have any plan to implement this in the future?


and one more thing, is there any other way to implement UPDATE since UPDATE is not supported yet?


We may eventually implement min/max on varchar data but it is not currently prioritized.

You could likely implement updates by keeping a logical delete id containing the rowid of the rows that are deleted, reinserting the rows into the main table with the updated values. You would then query the main table with a where rowid is not in (select delete_id from delete_table) predicate. I’m not sure how performant this will be though.

We are currently in the planning phase of updates/deletes, but we cannot give a firm timing on when that functionality will land.


thanks very much for offer the solution :slight_smile: