Another expression for density gradient



Using Mapd Immerse, it is possible to express density gradient by color from bleu to yellow.
Instead of this color, can i use another color, or point size?
The gradation of blue to yellow is fine, but it is hard to find its intermediate status, because i can see only blue and yellow.
The point size expression would be fine.


Thank you.



Thank you for using MapD Immerse.

Immerse allows you to select from a variety of gradients besides “Blue to Yellow”. Simply by clicking on the gradient graphic, a popup will appears that will allow you to choose other gradient scales.

For example, you can select a “Green to Yellow to Red” gradient, where yellow is the mid point. Hope that helps.


Hi @duhoang,

Thank you for your reply.
I checked my setting window for that, then I found color pallets when clicked blue to yellow pallet.
It was little bit hard to find it. Thank you!

And could you please tell me the way how to express by point size gradation instead of color gradation ?

Thanks a lot.