Apache Superset and SQL Alchemy usage with OmnisciDB

Hi to all,

this post is intended as a quick guide about how to install a simple SQL Alchemy driver developed by the community to access the OmnisciDB from Apache Superset DV Tool

download the driver sqlalchemy_omnisci.zip (66,2 KB)

unzip on your target environment where you run apache superset, then run the command

python setup.py install.

The only dependency specified is pymapd, so if not present, it will be installed.

Now you have to get this file omnisci.txt (2,0 KB) , rename into omnisci.py, then place inside your superset installation under the db_engine_spces folder

Then restart the superset service.

under the tab Sources, select Database

and add a new database and configure the URL to connect following the example

after that, test the connection; you should get a popup like that

Now you can query your database with the sql_lab tool ad create your charts.

Feedback are welcome