Background data rendering disabled after upgrade to 3.6.1 even if machine has 1 gpu



I had mapd 3.3 version running , i upgraded to 3.6.1 version. After upgrade background data rendering has been disabled. Note machine has 1 GPU. Could you please help me in debugging the issue?

I see below error during startup:
NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:00:1e): 48, An uncorrectable double bit error (DBE) has been detected on GPU in the framebuffer at partition 5, subpartition 0.
Error launching the GPU kernel: uncorrectable ECC error encountered
No GPUs detected, falling back to CPU mode



Hi @Debadarsini -

We have a known issue when running with newer NVIDIA drivers and ECC turned ON. Could you try turning ECC off and see if you still get the error?

Thanks! Aaron


Thank @aaron_mapd. It worked after reboot.