Can mapd update a particular column with a value from another table


Hi Team,

Does mapd support updation of a particular column on a table with the value from another table ??
If yes then can you give an sample example of the update command which does the same ?

Let us know regarding the same.

With Regards
Ullas Shanthakumar.


Hi @UllasShanthakumar,

MapD supports the standard SQL UPDATE statement like UPDATE <table_name> SET <column_name> = xxx WHERE <condition>. Please refer to the doc.



Just to add to this, if you are asking about updating a value via a subquery that touches another table (essentially a join against another table), then the answer is not currently. However this is something we are actively working on right now and hope should land in the next release or two.



Hi Darwin,

Yes we were badly in need of a functionality which would update a column in table 1 with the value from table 2 value via a subquery.

With Regards
Ullas Shanthakumar.