Can Not Drop table


I was in the middle of a Copy Table load and decided to cancel.
I got this error and I can not drop my table now. When I go into immerse and click on the table I get this and have to rerun startmapd everytime after clicking on the currupted table.
Backend TCP: localhost:9091
Backend HTTP: localhost:9090
Frontend Web: localhost:9092
E0519 08:15:00.599917 212557824 FileMgr.cpp:554] Failed to get chunk 1,1,1,27,
F0519 08:15:00.602375 212557824 FileMgr.cpp:555] Chunk does not exist.1,1,1,27,
*** Check failure stack trace: ***
@ 0x110f1d0ce google::LogMessage::Fail()
@ 0x110f1c3ad google::LogMessage::SendToLog()
@ 0x110f1cab3 google::LogMessage::Flush()
@ 0x110f1fd03 google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal()
@ 0x110f1d3b7 google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal()
@ 0x10dfd6b00 File_Namespace::FileMgr::getBuffer()
@ 0x10dfc62d8 File_Namespace::GlobalFileMgr::getBuffer()
@ 0x10dfad0ec Data_Namespace::DataMgr::getChunkBuffer()
@ 0x10e031b36 Chunk_NS::Chunk::getChunkBuffer()
@ 0x10e01ef5a Fragmenter_Namespace::InsertOrderFragmenter::getChunkMetadata()
@ 0x10e01b656 Fragmenter_Namespace::InsertOrderFragmenter::InsertOrderFragmenter()
@ 0x10e01f43e Fragmenter_Namespace::InsertOrderFragmenter::InsertOrderFragmenter()
@ 0x10d8701eb Catalog_Namespace::Catalog::instantiateFragmenter()
@ 0x10d870c16 Catalog_Namespace::Catalog::getMetadataForTable()
@ 0x10d77596a MapDHandler::get_table_details()
@ 0x10d7751ca MapDHandler::get_table_descriptor()
@ 0x10d6b1fe1 MapDProcessor::process_get_table_descriptor()
@ 0x10d6939ef MapDProcessor::dispatchCall()
@ 0x10d5f4c99 apache::thrift::TDispatchProcessor::process()
@ 0x111f56e45 apache::thrift::server::TConnectedClient::run()
@ 0x111f30644 apache::thrift::concurrency::ThreadManager::Task::run()
@ 0x111f300e1 apache::thrift::concurrency::ThreadManager::Worker::run()
@ 0x111f5bcad apache::thrift::concurrency::PthreadThread::threadMain()
@ 0x7fffa96bdaab _pthread_body
@ 0x7fffa96bd9f7 _pthread_start
@ 0x7fffa96bd1fd thread_start
2017/05/19 08:15:00 http: proxy error: EOF
…/startmapd: line 95: 57840 Abort trap: 6 ./bin/mapd_server $MAPD_DATA $RO --port $MAPD_TCP_PORT --http-port MAPD_HTTP_PORT *
Terminated: 15



Sorry to hear this happened

How did you try to cancel the running copy? Ctrl C in mapdql or killing the server.

It would appear you have corrupted the disk representation of your db.

There are a couple of options here. Depending on how much hassle it would be to recreate the db, the easiest if this is a play db is to remove the data dir. Run initdb again and reload your data.

If you are wanting to go through a recovery process I will need you to forward me you mapd_server.INFO log from when you canceled the COPY