Can't render scatterplots in Chrome


I’m running on Mapd cloud (latest) and few of the actual plots render. Most show blank canvases in Chrome. Here we see most of the default charts that didn’t render. Any ideas?


Hi John, I had a look in your Cloud instance and they render ok for me in Chrome, are you able to try Incognito mode and / or another browser (eg. FF) so we can test for a browser issue?


I don’t have opportunity here to install different browsers; I’m really constrained on time.

As you see above, Incognito mode on Chrome is a no, for even the default graphs. You can see nothing in the default views above.


Same result when I do a scatterplot, as we see above.


Since I use Chrome for most things, I’m at a loss as to what to do. But let’s try again on Safari:

Scatterplots render, but look pretty bad. This is no improvement over where I was more than a month ago. I thought this issue was addressed?