CE vs EE installation


Can anyone tell me the difference of installing mapD via the CE guide VS the EE guide ?
the EE guide requires you to have a user and password, what is this operation?

When adding a key in immerse will it unlock the mapD core EE features also?
Ex: Distributed Configuration? Or will i have to reinstall via the EE guide?

Thanks in advance


It’s unlikely because the free trial page talks about single node EE


anyway i would ask if trying this single node EE we could use EE’s features like the ODBC driver, and external authetication


Adding the key in Immerse does not unlock all of the Enterprise features, just Immerse Enterprise. Learn more about those features in this blog post: http://www.mapd.com/blog/introducing-mapd-immerse-enterprise-as-part-of-the-mapd-3-4-release/

If you’re interested in trying all of the Enterprise features, like distributed, you’ll need to talk with us to get an Enterprise user and password, then you can follow the Enterprise installation. You can reach out to me at aaron@mapd.com and I’ll connect you with the right person.