Check Out Our New SaaS Offering: MapD Cloud


Greetings MapD Community Members!

Today, we launched MapD Cloud: the world’s fastest analytics platform now available as a service. We’re very excited to share this news with you, and we invite you to help us launch it and get the word out!

MapD Cloud is the first ever GPU-accelerated analytics platform to be made available via a cloud subscription service, with a few different pricing plans depending on volume of data. We’re starting with a service for a single user with their own dedicated GPU, and the ability to import tables from S3 or upload tables from a local system. We will add API access, elastic compute, and other features soon.

So, if you’re using Immerse and you don’t need API or ssh control over the backend, MapD Cloud may be an easier way for you to use MapD. It takes about 60 seconds to sign up, and a few clicks to be underway. Our recent blog post about Google Analytics demonstrates a prime use case.

Several members of this forum helped us test the MapD Cloud offering last week, and we’re very grateful to them for working with us to identify desired features and issues.

We would love to hear your ideas for use cases and usability. In particular, if you need API access, let us know so we can explore that with you.

There’s a blog post for further reading. But if you want to try it out yourself, please do!

Thanks again!

Your friends at MapD.

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Also, we have a new blog post from @aaron_mapd about getting data into the Cloud - check it out!


MapD Cloud sounds exciting. Is it possible to connect it to Looker? Or is connectivity to other BI platforms de-prioritised in order not to “cannibalise” Immerse?


I connected mapd with a lots of bi tools; maybe it’s a looker fault


This is a “yes, but…” answer. MapD cloud, for the posted monthly pricing tiers, does not provide remote access to the instance such as SSH or using other programmatic tools. However, this is a product bundle limitation, not an actual limitation of MapD.

If you are interested in being able to connect MapD to other tools such as Looker, you will need to choose our Enterprise plan for MapD Cloud or use MapD Enterprise Edition (self-managed, on-premise or on a cloud platform). With the enterprise-level product, you receive ODBC drivers, as well as other more advanced capabilities that will allow you to connect to other data platforms.


i briefly checked Looker one year ago, because i was contacted by a looker’s representative, and if i remeber correectly looker build something like a materialized view, so it would need IAS or CTAS on those tables.