Check status of file after loading to table



I’m trying to load file to mapD table . But I am getting some rejected records. So How can I check which file is rejected and reason of rejection.



Hello @Ishika. What deployment are you using? If you’re using a local version or hosted instance, you can check out the mapd_server.INFO file and look for the relevant SQL.



Thanks for reply @easy

copy ISHIKA from ‘/opt/var/date/*.txt’ with (header=‘false’);
Loaded: 1 recs, Rejected: 1 recs in 0.004000 secs

Here I was trying to copy data from multiple txt file to ISHIKA table and while copy, 1 record is rejected But that rejected record is from which file and reason of rejection, that is not written here.

In mapd_server.INFO file, I got the reason of rejection but didn’t mention the rejected file name.

It’s difficult to check everytime in mapd_server.INFO file.

save Rejected Data and Exceptions

COPY large_tbl FROM :file1 ON site01
REJECTED DATA :reject_s1 ON site01
EXCEPTIONS :except_s1 ON site01;

Above copy command is in vertica. In vertica, copy command saves rejected file and exception file in different file with reason. So same I want in MapD.



@Ishika while we’re always looking for ways to improve our error handling and logging, we just don’t have this level of granularity (yet) in our logs. i’d be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf.

In the meantime, since this is an issue with your data, can you try loading a subset of your files so that you can proceed to the next step of your evaluation?


or loop through your files so we can figure out which one has the offending data?