CHOROPLETH showing empty world map


I am trying to create a CHOROPLETH with a geojson file containing cities from Italy (MapD 3.1.3 on Centos 7.3).

The geojson file is simplified and doublechecked in QGIS for problems or duplicate vertex without issues.

Here the file: comuni_valid_edit

My geojson config looks like this:

    "countries.json": {
      "label": "Countries",
      "isTopo": false,
      "topoKey": "",
      "keys": ["name", "iso_a2", "iso_a3"]
    "us-states.json": {
      "label": "US State",
      "isTopo": false,
      "topoKey": "",
      "keys": ["name", "abbr"]
    "us-counties.json": {
      "label": "US Counties",
      "isTopo": true,
      "topoKey": "counties",
      "keys": ["name", "state", "county", "fips"]
    "province.json": {
      "label": "Province",
      "isTopo": false,
      "topoKey": "",
      "keys": ["SIGLA"]
    "comuni_valid_edit.geojson": {
      "label": "comuni_valid_edit",
      "isTopo": false,
      "topoKey": "",
      "keys": ["COMUNE"]

Then I choose my city field from my table as dimension, the geojson name, and a measure: the result is an empty world map without any error.

Someone could point me in the right direction in troubleshooting this ? I checked that the names and the case of the dimension are equal to the keys in the json file (i.e.: “BARI”).

I already got CHOROPLETH working fine with a different geojson file (Province).


Hi camgia,

Could you try reprojecting your geojson to WGS84 / EPSG 4326 (longitude/latitude)? Interestingly the CRS in your file looks correct, but the polygon coordinates are way off.



andrew, you pointed me in the right direction.

The original CRC was EPSG:32632, once reprojected in 3264 the problem is solved.

Thank you.