Clean up MapD data?


How do I clear all of the tables in MapD? In MapD immerse, you can’t drop all the tables at one time. Is there any way to clean up MapD data or delete the specified part of the data?



Depending on the level of removal you want.

Levels of Destructiveness

SQL Command

Truncate table <tablename> remove content from table but leaves table schema
Drop table <tablename> remove table content and table schema
Drop Database <dbname> remove all tables in a database and the database itself


initdb (see Used to create an entirely new MapD data directory



Hi Dwayne…
I am completely new of MAPD, may I ask you?
How to clean up all file of specific database and table in MAPD_STORAGE?



So a DROP TABLE <tablename> statement will remove all artifacts of a given table.



Thanks Dwayne.

Previously, I has drop the database without drop the table and correlated files still remain. After got your answer, I recreate the db & table, drop the table before droping the db. The files on mapd data is totally clean.