Column renaming breaks existing dashboard


I had created a dashboard with multiple charts. I changed the column names of the table.

Dashboard fails to render. Is there any way to change the column names for dashboard without changing render being loaded?

Alter table add column

Hi @Debadarsini,

I suspect that you’ll need to rebuild your charts now that you’ve changed the data source by renaming the columns. Is column renaming something that you need to do frequently as part of your specific use case? We would love to hear more about your project.


you could rename the table, create a view with the old name and old columns pointing to the table.

i havent checked the internal format of dashboard file, but i know you can export the dashboards, so maybe is possible to manually change the file then re-import it


Thanks @b23kelly and @aznable for such quick response. I will try out the suggestions.


i tried yesterday with a very simple dashboard and a table with 2 columns; i built a dashboard on it, then renamed a column and the dashboard as expected didnt worked anymore; then i exported the dashboard thru mapdql with the command
i edited the text file and modified all references to the old fields name with the new ones, then i saved the file
imported the deshboard with the
command and the dashboard worked.
A bit annoying procedure, but you can recover your dashboard


@Debadarsini did any of the suggestions work?