Combo chart colours/line types changing after saving and loading dashboard


I have set up a dashboard with multiple charts to display several aspects of a single dimension and have coloured each chart the same in order to easily distinguish members. I am having an issue, however, with the combo chart. When I set the colours and line type (solid, dash, or dot) everything works fine but when I save the dashboard and exit then open the dashboard again the colours have changed and the lines have reverted to solid lines. Is this a known bug in the chart type?

For clarification I am using 5 measures on my combo chart, four on the primary axis and one on the secondary axis.


@HTrussler sorry for the delay in getting to this; I was confused by your withdrawal of your own response. Did you figure this out? My first guess is that you were saving the chart but not the dashboard.


Hi @easy Thanks for getting back to me, sorry for the confusion. This issue was not resolved, the response I withdrew was actually a comment I made regarding another issue I was having on the combo chart which I thought was related to this. I figured out the second issue was actually due to a divide by zero error in some custom SQL I had on the chart which was causing a problem but for some reason was not generating an error message.

The original issue with the colours/line types changing remains. When I select the colours and line types as I want them and save the dashboard, the next time I open the dashboard the colours and line types have reverted to the defaults. This also sometimes occurs when I apply a chart filter on one of the other charts on my dashboard. Perhaps this is due to the large number of measures I have added to the combo chart?


Hi @HTrussler,

I am able to create and save a Combo chart with 1 dimension & 5 measures, assign colors, 4 on primary/1 on secondary axis. After saving, I open up other dashboards and then come back to it and all the settings are preserved. I am using Core ver4.1 MapD Cloud instance. See caption below where I have 3 on primary/ 2 on secondary as they are in the same range.