[Community Collaboration] Analyzing Utah's Air Quality With MapD


I’m super excited about my collaboration with long-time friend and 33Sticks co-founder Jason Thompson, where we use MapD along with Python and open government data to analyze the air quality of Utah over time.

There will be at least five posts, where we show how to download the air quality data from the EPA, how to calculate air quality by pollutant using the industry-standard definitions, importing shapefiles into MapD, building our analysis dashboard and finally our thoughts based on what we see in the data.

I do hope you all will follow along, the goal is to have one post come out every Monday, starting with the post below.


Part 1: Analyzing Utah’s Air Quality – Connecting to the EPA AQS Data API

Analyzing Utah's Air Quality: the Podcast
Analyzing Utah's Air Quality Part 3: Importing Parcels and Assigning AQIs

Part 2: Analyzing Utah’s Air Quality – Cleaning and Transforming AQS Data