Compile error from git CE source (Arch Linux-lts 4.14.35 LLVM 6.0.0)


Any idea how to fix? It appears that compiler is unable to “auto&” from “arg_list”


[ 52%] Linking CXX executable …/bin/mapdql
In file included from /home/xxx/mapD/mapd-core/ThriftHandler/MapDHandler.h:52:0,
from /home/xxx/mapD/mapd-core/ThriftHandler/MapDHandler.cpp:24:
/home/xxx/mapD/mapd-core/QueryEngine/Execute.h: In function ‘llvm::Value* get_arg_by_name(llvm::Function*, const string&)’:
/home/xxx/mapD/mapd-core/QueryEngine/Execute.h:87:26: error: ‘class llvm::Function’ has no member named ‘getArgumentList’; did you mean ‘Arguments’?
auto& arg_list = func->getArgumentList();
/home/xxx/mapD/mapd-core/QueryEngine/Execute.h:88:20: error: unable to deduce ‘auto&&’ from ‘arg_list’
for (auto& arg : arg_list) {


Hi @mumford -

To be clear, you’re trying to compile MapD Core, but running into an error?


Hi @mumford -

I got word internally from our engineers:

We currently only support llvm 3 and 4. On arch, he will need to downgrade and prevent an automatic upgrade (which is pretty easily done, typically just by editing the Pac-Man configuration)

If you happen to be an LLVM expert, we’d love a pull request to the MapD-Core repository, as its something we’ve been meaning to do for a bit of time now :slight_smile:

If there’s anything else I can do to help, please let me know!



yes. Thanks for your help.