Connect MapD database to Azure data lake?


I am using using MapD database to store the some current data which is also in some TB. So i am storing all the data of all time in Azure Data lake . i can’t have all the data in MapD . So my query is ,Is there is some way so that if data which is not found in MapD it will Automatically take it from the Azure Data lake and the result back.



MapD supports Sqoop and our own SQLImporter to allow for easy extraction of data from datalakes depending on the store you have it in one of these will help you extract the data.

The other thing to mention depending on exactly what you are trying to do is that MapD can support very large volumes of data and supports Distribted installation so you may be able to do what you need to do directly on MapD. You mention a TB of data which is not that large, depending on the query patterns a single large machine may support that.