Connect to mapD using tableau desktop



In the documentation it mentions that mapD supports connection to third party software such as tableau but there’s no documentation as of how to do this.

In my tableau desktop version I see that to connect to a database I have the following options - I chose other databases ODBC. Is this correct?

But then, what specific parameters should I use to connect to mapD

NOTE: I am using AWS EC2 p2.xlarge instance as a test case and installed mapD using AWS marketplace. Any help would be appreciated.



Thanks for investigating MapD

From your question it is unclear which version of MapD you are running.

To connect to MapD from tableau you need to leverage an ODBC connection

The ODBC connector for MapD is part of our enterprise edition, are you currently running the enterprise edition?

Assuming you are running the enterprise edition you will need to contact to get the ODBC driver and assistance/instructions on connecting to MapD from tableau.

I would suggest you also take a look at our Immerse product on MapD, which is available to you right now. Details of its use are here You should be able to connect to it on your EC2 instance on port 8443 and start making dashboards right away.



Hi sorry, no, I am actually running mapD community edition. Could I connect mapD to tableau using the community edition? Yes, I am using the immerse product and I like it a lot but some of my colleagues are familiar with tableau so I wanted to give them an idea of the mapD capabilities before I send them to learn immerse. Thanks for the prompt reply.


Hey, did you find a way to connect to tableau for the community edition?


The ODBC driver required to connect to Tableau desktop is only available for the enterprise edition.



I connected from tableau using an odbc-jdbc driver with c’è edition; you can download a trial version if you want to try.
Anyway to enable time series and other features I has to configure the generic Odbc connection in tableau and modify the jdbc driver of mapd for performance and functionality reasons.
The performance is very good if compared with other in-memory databases but tableau introduce some lag, let’s say 2 tenths of seconds, so the experience isn’t sleek as using lag free tools like immerse