COPY via mapdql


Is there anyway to perform a COPY via a headed .csv much like the Immerse data importer works? Or am I missing something + would have to establish the table schema before using this command? Also, I notice the command doesn’t work via the SQL Editor (just wanted to confirm).



Yes, you need to CREATE the table prior to doing a COPY FROM in mapdql.

The COPY FROM should work fine from the SQL editor. What is the issue you see?



3.2 CE



I believe you have a cut and paste issue perhaps in your first COPY FROM

please try COPY test from '/home/paperspace/test.csv'

the single ' is the correct quote for the file name

try typing in direct



Sorry late night, this actually occurs if you don’t end the statement w/ a semicolon :wink:

Copied to shared storage and everything is working fine via SQL Editor.

COPY test from ‘/mapd-storage/test.csv’ WITH (nulls = ‘NA’);



Great to hear