CPU download giving "Backend rendering is disabled"


Hello, I downloaded the CPU version to test out. Performed the end-to-end installation on a fresh centos7 image in an LXC container. The database query worked. The :9092 site loads. I just get a pop up “CHART RENDER ERROR
Error: Backend rendering is disabled.” when I try to make the chart as shown in the video.

Server log spits:
MapDHandler.cpp:247] This build isn’t CUDA enabled, will run on CPU
MapDHandler.cpp:281] No GPUs detected, falling back to CPU mode
MapDHandler.cpp:1853] Backend rendering is disabled.

Do I have to do some special work to make it work on CPU?


Thanks for trying MapD.

Unfortunately backend rendering requires a GPU and does not currently fall back to rendering on the CPU if no GPUs are available, so you will not be able to use the scatter plot or point map when running CPU-only. I’ve asked that a clarification on this is added to the docs.

Additionally Immerse had a bug where it showed the scatter plot as being available even when in CPU-only mode, but that will be fixed in the upcoming release (should be out this week).


Thanks for the reply.