Creating a driver


I’m looking to create a driver to connect a phalcon zephir/c interface. Is there any sort of notes guide for how a driver should be designed for interfacing with mapd core?


Hi @hellozt!

We have a number of interfaces for MapD Core. Check 'em out:

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with phalcon zephir/c, but let me know if none of those work and I’ll find someone who can help you explore it further.


Phalcon is a mvc framework for php written in zephir and c. Zephir Is a compiled language with php like syntax. So essentially I have a php web backend that calls compiled c / zephir for more intensive tasks that I don’t want to be slowed by the php interpreter. The backend really just needs to do efficient calling to the database which will do all the heavy lifting and computing while the web interface is just formatting and displaying. From my understanding the thrift API is what’s used for building the jdbc and python interfaces so I’d want to look there for creating a similar driver for my application?


Cool, makes sense.

And yes, I confirmed that the Thrift API is the right thing for you to use.

Will this driver be open source? If so, we’d be happy to add it to the list of interfaces when it’s ready, and encourage other community members to participate in the project in the meantime.


@aaron_mapd If I can get it working i would be glad to release it back the the community as open source.


Great, let me know how it goes, and if you want to put the link to the repo here in case anyone else wants to join, feel free.