Dart support via Thrift added


Hi all. If anybody is interested in using Dart with MapD, I’ve just published initial version of mapd package on https://pub.dartlang.org/packages/mapd.
That’s is something like javascript’s mapd_connector for Dart.
Only Json protocol over http is supported at a moment, both on server and in a browser.

I’m surprised how relatively easy it was to get things done with thrift platform. Kudos to MapD team for excelent choice of network layer.


Hi @vadimtsushko, thanks for building this and thanks for sharing with us!

We’ll try to add a pointer to this into our docs so the Dart community will know where to find the connector.

Thanks again!


I’m glad to share this.

By the way I saw several very interesting functions in autogenerated thrift API: get_memory_summary, get_memory_cpu, get_memory_gpu and so on. Are these functions supposed to work in community edition?
I’ve added them to connector, but I’m getting errors like Invalid method name: 'get_memory_summary' upon invoking these methods. Do they work in enterprise version only?



Those internal api’s recently got moved to a separate api called get_memory



Great to hear. I looked up mapd.thrift at github and apparently I’ve grabbed my version before commit from Sep 13, 2017. I will update library.
Great commits just by last month: load binaty tables :slight_smile: That looks very intererting for ETL processing stage



The one to look at is load_table_binary_columnar you should see good performance using this API. If you happen to already be using arrow you may want to look at the arrow api.



Thank you for clarification