Dashboard and Table


Currently the dashboard is only allowed to be built base on one table. Immerse visual analytics client is really a very quick way of data profiling on a table. However, there is a need in a single Dashboard to access multiple tables or views to build a more complex reports in a data warehouse environment.

Or, on the other hand, charts in Immerse to allow some custom SQLs with GROUP BY and ORDER BY different columns.

Is these 2 features in the MapD development plan? If not yet, can you please add these features in plan?

Thank you so much,


Hi Ckli,

We do have multi-source dashboards on our roadmap.

Can you explain a bit further what you mean by:
"charts in Immerse to allow some custom SQLs with GROUP BY and ORDER BY different columns."
and maybe give an example.



Hi, Marc:

When MapD allows multi-source dashboard, report requirements’ logic that implemented in traditional data warehouse views or SQLs that built on star-schema can be materialized in tables in MapD core database as source to dashboard. This is good for performance. This is in your roadmap.

Secondly, alternatively, if MapD can allow those views or SQLs to be implemented in charts of Immerse then we don’t need to materialize those data in tables in MapD core database before hand. This is a more handy way. Currently, there is only limited capabilities to do Custom SQL Dimension or Custom SQL Measure in charts of Immerse.

A reporting dashboard in data warehouse need to have both capabilities.

Another note, Databricks is a web services of Apache Spark cluster and user interface. It can present the selected columns in result sets of a program (say Spark Machine Learning or Spark SQL or Python) to charts. Many of these pieces of charts forms a dashboard. This is the ability I was referring to in the 2nd point above.

Wish to see MapD a greater product soon,



Hey Ckli,

Thanks for further explaining, helps us get a better understanding of our community members are running into.