Database and tables which i have created disappeare


i have created some databases and tables on the mapd-core.
yesteday,the mapd crash ,when i restart the mapd ,the database and tables i have created before all dispear.
can anybody tell me why?



Very sorry to hear that, this is obviously not something that would normally happen with a crash.

You will have to share some additional information, ideally we would need access to the machine and the logs to try to determine what might have happened.

Did you have a disk failure? Is the data directory still in existence?

please send as much additional information as you can



hi ,thx for your reply.
i want to by mapd as our team 's data analytical platform.
to convince the product leader,i am estimating the performance of mapd under GPU,whether mapd speedup the query or not.
so plz give me more help.



We can certainly connect you with people from the sales team to assist you in your evaluation of the product. If you reach out to you will get an eager response from someone ready to discuss your detailed needs in depth.

As far as your immediate technical problem goes we will still need the logs and more details, as i mentioned above, to try to see what happened and what we can do to get you going again.



**Fail to access mapd immerse :
i stop mapd service by the following command:
sudo systemctl stop mapd_server
sudo systemctl stop mapd_web_server

after that ,i restart mapd service by the following command:
sudo systemctl start mapd_server
sudo systemctl start mapd_web_server.

then ,i open chrome,and tab in localhost:9092,i get the following error:
This webpage is not available
Google Chrome’s connection attempt to ..*.51 was rejected. The website may be down, or your network may not be properly configured.



Please try

sudo systemctl status mapd_server
sudo systemctl status mapd_web_server

to check the status on both services

if either is reporting anything other than running please run

sudo journalctl -u mapd_server -n 100
sudo journalctl -u mapd_web_server -n 100

So we can review what it is having an issue with


Fail to access mapd immerse