Diff between Immerse and Mapd Charting


Is there any difference between Mapd Immerse and Mapd Charting? I have seen windows installable for Charting but haven’t tried.

And also is there any installable as MapD Charting for Centos 7 which I can explore?



MapD Immerse is a high level BI tool which allows a user to point and click on chart types, dimensions, measures and various other options to build ‘Immersive’ dashboards allowing exploration of the users data in MapD in a few clicks, no coding involved.

MapD charting is a set of API’s which a programmer could use to build a set of charts, see the examples page for code to explore.

MapD-charting is one of the buiding blocks MapD immerse is built on.

To put it in more concrete terms the taxi demo is an Immerse dashboard where the Tweetmap demo is a MapD-charting application.

To see example code of a compete MapD application please see tweetmap repo which is a complete implementation.