Discrete measures on colour field on bubble chart


I have created a bubble chart and I want to colour each of the bubbles according to a text field so I can select the colour of each. Currently I have only been able to add a continuous numerical field and select a colour range and I wondered if anyone knew of a way to choose the colour of each bubble?

If this is not possible I would like to know if there are plans to support this in the future?



by default the color seems to be in relation with the dimension you selected, so if the dimension is a text field it will be colored according the content; if you want to have more control, you have to clik on color palette on the right of screen

then select color by dimension
so you can choose the color from selected palette for each content of dimension field


Thanks for the reply but this is not quite what I was looking for. What I wanted to do was to add a discrete measure to the colour field.
I want each bubble to be coloured according to which member of this field has the highest score but I do not want to add it as a second dimension because I don’t want additional bubbles.

I have created a custom measure which gives each bubble a numerical value and assigns a colour from the scale but I want to be able to choose what colour each value is assigned from a palette.


Can you show what your colour palette looks like in this configuration?


Thanks for responding. Here is the image including the colour palette:

I do not get the option for individual colours, only the colour scale.


Right. I’m trying to think of a way that it could be done using a 2nd dimension without the inconvenience. :thinking: But I will file an issue that it could be good to have a categorical picker there. I will post here when I get some news about this idea getting prioritized.


OK. Thanks for looking into this for me.