Documentation typos/bugs


Not sure where you want doc issues reported but just picking on some example typos/bugs:

ONE. “$MAPD_DATA” is used where “$MAPD_STORAGE” is meant in this example

sudo mkdir -p $MAPD_DATA

TWO. “MAPD_STORAGE.” in the table has a trailing period. See


…and (fighting the post anti-spam link limit)

THREE. The MapD 3 documentation includes MapD 2 name in a path.

tar -xvf mapd2----.tar.gz

… and the actual file name is not like that at all for most users as they’ll get a filename downloaded more like “mapd-ce-latest-Linux-x86_64-cpu.tar.gz” (the names like in the doc would be better, as you are not letting people track builds that are downloaded).

FOUR. Throughout the documentation “Checkpoint” appears in bold as a heading. Nothing to do with a database checkpoint, meant instead as a check of install or other progress. And in some cases it’s not clear why the step is being done or needed. At least use a non-database term here. e.g. on page at

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FIVE. ((link to doc page I can’t post deleted))

The documentation says “MapD ships with two sample datasets of airline flight information collected in 2008. To install the sample data, run the following command.” Implying the data is already on the system. The doc should reflect reality and describe that data is downloaded from and help the user by pointing out that the machine needs https access to that site.

(It would also be nice if responded to ping requests… EDIT: great, I see you do, that system or the network connection to my machine seemed to be bounding up and down when I was testing :-))

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Thanks for the detailed review, much appreciated. The docs are being corrected and improved based on your recommendations.

We will as time allows move the documentation to a public repository and then everyone will be able to help keep them up to date :slight_smile: