Enhancement Request—Extension for Azure Data Studio


I thought I’d give a Feature Request for the product managers to consider.

I’m in mapdql or immerse’s Sql editor quite often. While I love that mapdql remembers my last queries which saves me some re-write but I’d way prefer to have a full SQL editor which allows me to save SQL files and have some organization.

Recently Microsoft released Azure Data Studio which is both open source and cross platform. (I believe it is based on electron like the Atom.io text editor is.). And they have implemented a flexible Extensions plug-in system which several companies have already done. The extensions are nodejs so I think mapd/connector would make this idea very low-impedance. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/azure-data-studio/tutorial-create-extension?view=sql-server-2017

I think you’d pick up a large amount of value without much omni-sci resource investment.


Thanks for the suggestion @davidrubert! I’m not familiar with the Azure Data Studio tool, but I also like tools like these, so it’s possible that it’s something we could pursue in the future.

It’s also a great idea for a community-led project, which we’d be happy to provide help with around our OmniSci-specific APIs.


From my preliminary reading, it looks like Azure Data Studio might require using T-SQL, which is the Microsoft flavor of SQL. If that’s the case, unfortunately it won’t be possible to shim OmniSci in, as we don’t use T-SQL and I don’t see the means of swapping out the SQL guts of the tool.


Hi @randyzwitch

It’s unlikely you have to use t-sql to create a database extension. In this case you could create any extension except sqlserver or maybe sybase.


I’m referring specifically to the fact that the Azure Data Studio front page references T-SQL a dozen times, as well as these GitHub issues which seems to suggest that other ‘SQL languages’ aren’t supported:


Thanks for sharing Randy,

Looks like MS is taking a more restrictive approach Oracle is having with SQL Developer.

Anyway I can enhance the jdbc driver to works with tools like DataGrip, but to have complete support they ask some configuration files to the vendor and I guess the implementation is quite slow.

@davidrubert have you tried tools like DBeaver or Squireel?