Export date column to file changes date to epoch


Hi Team,

We are trying to export data from a table to a file and one of the column’s data type is date.
The query output in the file turns the date into epoch time.
We tried casting the field to date format but didn’t help.
Is there a way to get this done ??

Query which was run is :
echo "COPY (
SELECT CAST ( c.birth_dt AS date ) from birthday_details TO ‘/tmp/birthday_details.csv’ WITH (header=‘true’, quoted=‘false’ ); " | /mapd-core/bin/mapdql -u mapd -p HyperInteractive

With Regards
Ullas Shanthakumar.


@UllasShanthakumar the last time this limitation was raised, it generated an issue. I will follow up to see if we can get this done.


Hi Grant,

Thanks for your response.
We have a down stream application which would take the table extract from mapd and upload it to their DB.
The request is to provide the complete table dump & the number of records are in millions.
pymapd might be one option & it does take time.
We want to cut short the over all time and hence there is a need for it.

Let us know regarding the same.

With Regards
Ullas Shanthakumar.