Exporting Data(COPY TO)



I am using MapD Community 3.2.0 version.

I have a question about exporting of CSV or TSV file.

The data in the table is float or double type and has 6 decimal places.

I exported the table data as TSV or CSV using “COPY TO”.

Checked TSV or CSV file, the 6 decimal places was recorded only 3 decimal places.

Is there an option to specify the number of decimal places in exporting?



It seems that the float or double type is output only 6 numbers including integer and decimal places in exporting.

How do i increase the number of output numbers?




Sorry, currently there is no option to increase the precision of what is being written out in the csv file with a COPY TO.

A (hopefully) simple work around here would be to use a tool like squirrelsql or equivalent and have it extract the data to a file to get a more precise result.



Thanks dwayneberry.

I have exported table data using SQuirrel SQL Client.

But the decimal place numbers is output a little bit wrongly.

And korean is broken.

Do you know any other way to extract data in MapD?

Please advise me.




Can you tell me what you are seeing as wrong.

To use something like squirrelSQL to export data I would do the following

In global preferences change the “Data Type Control” field to the max precision you want to be able to get.
(Note: this will mean floats etc wil also have trailing precision which is not accurate as the client layer will probably cast them to double as well)

I added a some Korean text to a file and exported and see output like this


what are you experiencing?