Exporting Extracted Data



When I export data that is extracting two separate dimensions (Month and Date) to csv, the field outputs [{“value”:29,“timeBin”:“day”,“isExtract”:true,“extractUnit”:“day”}] rather than 29.

Also, it only exports the date column, and not the month.

Anyway to get around this?



Hi @gregs -

I’m not exactly sure what you mean, could you elaborate? How are you exporting the data to CSV?



I created a dashboard on MapD Immerse.

I added three dimensions, and two measures to a table chart.

Two of those dimensions are created by extracting Date and Month out of a servertimestamp. I extracted to csv from the dashboard - and I got this output.

I would have expected to have two columns - one with June, and the other with 30 in the csv.


I see what you mean. The csv export feature is incomplete at this point. We need to properly split these snippets into columns. In the meantime as a workaround, if you master Excel or other spreadsheet enough, you can use some scripting or search/replace to split them. Let me know if that could be a temporary solution while we are finishing this feature. I will let you know when it gets scheduled.