Filtered dataset without any filter activated


I have a dashboard without any filter ( just deleted all the filter in the top filter row), but in the top right corner I see that the dashboard is showing only abut half the rows.

In general, how should I check if some filter is activated other then the top filter rows and the filter icon on each chart ?



Your checking for filters sounds right.

Are you perhaps filtering by a pointmap being zoomed in, it is the only filter that would not show up as a filter on the dashboard icon.

If it is not a pointmap filter, I would recommend you take a look at the query being sent from Immerse to MapD Core to review what it is filtering on. The queries are visible in mapd_server.INFO in the /data/mapd_log directory.

If you don’t want to look through the logs another approach is to delete the charts on your dashboard one at a time and see when your count returns to the expected count value.

There has also been a bug with filters on time charts not clearing correctly (this is normally visible on the chart itself though) but it is fixed in v3.2.2, i would recommend you make sure you are running 3.2.2 if you haven’t already updated.



About the pointmap filtered without showing up any filter icon, I think that would be better adding a filter icon also in this case: you could never be sure about some little zooming or shifting of the graph, without you noticing that.

BTW, in my case the culprit was a custom expression with a sum involving a null value: in this case the row is filtered out without warning, I solved with a Coalesce…



Good to know you found the issue.

i will mention to product management about the suggestion on pointmap filter and see how they wish to proceed.