First time user - mapd-ce aws ami instance not accessible


Hi - I am able to start an EC p2.xlarge instance running the mapd-ce version (mapd-ce-4.0.2-3-1e20d964-1d79-4290-9751-5af45b74f67b-ami-8bb487f4.4 (ami-070477b91ec2d49bf) -

I have configured the aws network security group as per your recommendation (tcp 22, 8443, 9100 open to world)


  1. I am unable to ssh into the server using ssh -i ~/.ssh/my.pem - I get
    Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic)

  2. I am unable to login to
    The login page is served BUT when I provide the aws instance as the password, I am unable to login - and see the error message:
    “has_object_privilege” (using Chrome browser)

I also tried Microsoft Edge browser - but that also failed

I have tried this on personal aws account AND office aws account - get same failures


just tried the pro version (non-community) version - same https login and ssh login issue -

(aws ami version - mapd-ee-4.0.2-3-8ef4c5da-0daa-46cd-aa88-315bdaf7eef1-ami-bec6f5c1.4 (ami-0c242773) )


For ssh try with ssh mapd@yourawsmachine and enter the password provided

To access database from immerse, click on advanced setting to verify the port you opened is the right one.


what password provided? The Ami usage instructions clearly state login as centos @


So i tried logging in ssh -i mypemfile.pem mapd@awsserver - permission denied
Webpage login failed with same error above
I should also point out that the aws machine console is blank for this started up image


maybe you having a problem with the key pair, now I’m trying by myself.
Anyway the right port for the database would be the 9091 not the 9100


Ok, I believe both the ce- and pro versions of you Ami are un-ssh able. He tried with different aws accounts (work and home) - and on boot of you Ami the machine console is blank

I tried to build my own Ami based on centos - but this turns into a nightmare given that some of the dependencies that cuda needs have been removed from centos/rhel 7.5

So I switched to creating my own Ami based on Ubuntu 18.04 and followed the instructions on setting that up on your site. That worked in minutes. So I suggest you create new Amis based on ubuntu


Hi @pbirnie,

you can log into the centos machine with ssh using the ec2-user and the pem file you have associated to the instance.

so you have to ssh ec2-user@yourinstance -i yourpemfile.pem

If you want to log directly to mapd user on the operating system the fastest way is to launch those commands

sudo cd /home/ec2-user
sudo cp -r .ssh /home/mapd
sudo chown mapd:mapd /home/mapd/.ssh

or you can create the .ssh dir and adding the authorized_keys file with the private key generated with ssh-keygen command.

In the end looks like the docs provided for this ec2 are wrong because a user called centos doesn’t exists


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