Future DML operation


I was just wondering when or if you were planning to add the following:

  • FULL JOIN (at the moment I can issue 2 queries but it’s not ideal)
  • Window functions

At the moment I have a calculation which needs multiple queries followed by manipulation on the client side. Each of the above would help simplify the query and avoid shifting data to the client.

Additionally, do you have any plans to add a network address types to the available DDL (similar to Postgres: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/datatype-net-types.html)




All great additions and things we’ve talked about but not gotten to yet. You’re welcome also to create issues for these. And we’ll in the process of posting what’s currently being worked on by either MapD or community, and what might be picked up soon. Community would be welcome to give a hand too, whether it’s reqs, spec, code, test, doc, etc.