GOAi, NASA, KSU, and NVIDIA Analyze the Effects of Spaceflight on Mice


In his amazing new blog post, @wamsiv discusses his use of the GOAi framework to analyze the effects of microgravity on the immune systems of mice by correlating data on radiation exposure, microbial pathogens, stress, and nutrition. While the traditional tools and processes (spreadsheets and manual review) worked for the research team, the GOAi framework sped up the process, provided visualizations, and allowed rapid comparison with other datasets.

The scientists at NASA Genelab and Kansas State University were thrilled with the results, and we hope you are as well.

MapD is a founding and active member of GOAi along with Anaconda, Apache Arrow, H2O.ai, and Graphistry, and we are proud we could help advance the state of the art of bioinformatics research!