Graphic without a function for Y



I’m working with a dataset that can have variable outputs for a single X and I would like to view each point on the graph. Is there a way to accomplish this? I figured a scatter plot might be able to handle my use case, however I’m forced to use a function (avg, sum, min, etc.) and I’m unable to simply plot all the (x,y) pairs. Is such a graph currently possible?


Hi @ckguven,

Thanks for using mapd immerse. From what you’ve described I’m assuming what you’ve tried using is the bubble chart, which requires you to group by a dimension. We have a more traditional scatter chart that plots the projection of the data (or a sample of it), however this chart is backend rendered (requires a GPU on the server).

You can see an example in this demo on the top left. Would such a chart meet your use case?


Thanks for the quick response! I do have a GPU instance running and I did verify several times I was under scatter plot. I presume something must have been stale locally; after restarting mapd_server, mapd_web_server and clearing my browser cache, the scatter plot is no longer forcing me to select a function. I’m still kinda baffled but this is resolved for now :face_with_raised_eyebrow: