Heat maps on maps


Are you planning to implement heat maps on maps (maybe using kernel density estimation)?



Yes, heat maps on maps are coming. Let me check with our team and see if I can get some more info for you about them.


Good news, and a little more detail for you:

The geospatial heat maps are indeed coming, and soon. I don’t have a specific date, but it’s weeks away at the most.

And we will be using gaussian KDE to start.

Hope that helps. I’ll post back into this thread when the feature is available.


Great to here that.



Hi @rvlander just to clarify, heatmaps will be landing in our release targeted for next week (3.2.2) but we won’t have KDE (i.e. gaussian blur) until a later release. You’ll be able to do backend rendered square and hexagon tiling, as seen below on NYC taxi data: