How can overlap multiple data?



How can overlap multiple data?
Is it possible? We want to see multiple data on the map looks like GIS layer function.

Layer functions should be:

  1. Overlap multiple data on the map
  2. Can choice layer to display
  3. Can control z-order for layers
  4. Can control layer attribute (ex. clickable, popup-able)

Thank you.


Hello @kiuchi,

We actually are in the process of implementing this feature. It should be available in one of the next few releases, likely sometime in november.



Hi, @tai

Thank you for your reply.
I’m really glad to hear that.
I’m looking forward to checking the new release.
Thanks a lot.


Would it be possible to simulate layering right now by adding a dimension that includes all the “layers” in the dataset?


Sure that would fulfil one use case of having multi-layer maps, viewing all of the data plotted on a map.

However the feature currently under development includes the ability to combine different layer types (pointmap and geoheat), and use different data sources for each layer, as well as have per-layer measures and configs (color, size, opacity, popups, etc.)


Hi tai, this looks awsome, overlapping layers is a fundamental functionality. You mentioned it should be out by November, is there a beta or someway we can test it? tks


Unfortunately I spoke too soon. The code has already landed in master and is scheduled for v3.4.0, which should be out soon.