How do I install MapD?


Please find installation instructions for a prebuilt binary here:




Refer to this document,reboot hangs after installed cuda driver.
I’ve tried it many times,but it’s all the same. Where is the problem ?
The following is my test environment information:
OS : Centos 7 on VMWare
CUDA driver : cuda-repo-rhel7-8.0.61-1.x86_64
JAVA :openjdk 1.8.0



What OS is your hypervisor running on?

Do you have your GPU’s configured for pass through from the host.

Need more info




My host machine OS is Win7 and VMWare Workstation OS is Centos7.
The host GPU is Intel and Nvidia.
What does the virtual machine need to be configured and how ?




Windows as a VMware Workstation host does not allow the guest machines access to the GPU’s.

You will only be able to use MapD in CPU mode in the environment you described.




Thanks for your reply, I will try to use MapD in CPU mode.



Be kind everyone :slight_smile: So, I’m evaluating MapD to get familiar with all of this and I’m new to AWS generally speaking. I’m proceeding through the tutorial and getting to the step in the attached screenshot, at the beginning before you start running all the commands to install the required lib’s on the instance. Thing of it is, the instance never starts running? There is no message in my management console stating that it’s “In Progress” or anything. Any thoughts? I know I could launch a generic CentOS 7 instance, but I wanted to follow this tutorial to the letter as best as possible and not get off on the wrong foot by going around one of the first steps, hehe.



Glad you are trying MapD out, sorry its not quite working out for you yet.

It is probably failing due to you not having permissions or access to that EC2 machine type.

Please review forum post Community Edtion on AWS P2 Instance fails to launch