How to connect and access Mapd Database From GeoServer


In my project requirement to access table data from Mapd Database on GeoServer(open source server for sharing geospatial data).

But in GeoServer provided some extension to connect and access particular database

GeoServer Extension link:

How can I connect MapD databse with GeoServer is there any plugin.



Currently we have no extension/plugin for MapD for GeoServer.

We would certainly be open to helping you build an extension for this.

Are you familiar with what is involved with creating the plugins?



I’m also new doing R&D,but got some link alredy developed geotool for jdbc based database.

Here is the link:
What we required to connect with GeoServer for Particular data store extension e.g. SqlServer

So i thing same need for MapD database.
1.MapD driver jar and linux based auth and xa dll

Already Developed Geotools link for JDBC based data store:



Great, thanks.

We already have the jdbc driver.

Will have to take a look at what the other items translate to. Let us know if there is anything additional you need from us information wise.



Thanks for reply.

As if now doing R&D on GeoServer according to project requirement.

Mapd is GPU based and Definitely Scenario will be to connect Mapd Database with GeoServer.

So i want to make sure you will provide support for Mapd Database access from GeoServer?