How to debug \copygeo?


What is the right way to investigate failures of \copygeo?

importing my own geojson. The command: ‘\copygeo myfile.json mytable’. The command finishes silently but I don’t see a new table with \t. Is there any way to find out what was the reason of the failure?

case2: I wanted to play with server side geo rendering but couldn’t get my geojson imported. So I tried to import some other file. And took one from immerse:

\copygeo /opt/mapd/frontend/geojson/countries.json countries
import_geo_table failed: GDAL error: Full reprojection failed, but partial is possible if you define OGR_ENABLE_PARTIAL_REPROJECTION configuration option to TRUE Feature: 177
What does he say about? Where should I set this parameter?


Hi @alexei-grigoriev,

Any chance you can try with 3.4 and see if the error persists?


Sorry, I have no environment available to upgrade at the moment


Ok, we made lots of improvements to geo import in 3.4, so hopefully it should work when you get a chance to upgrade!