How to dump data in mapd using node js?


I’m very new to mapd database, i want to dump data in mapd database through node js !



Happy to have a new person in the MapD community.

Could you please describe what “i want to dump data in mapd database” does this mean “dump” the content that are currently being stored in MapD out, or does it mean load new data into MapD?



In case you mean that you want to output data with nodejs the following links should help you.

There’s a mapd, nodejs library here:

The documentation for that library is here:

There’s a server side example here:

If you mean that you want to move from another location into MapD with nodejs, you can still use that same library because you would basically run a create table followed by an insert command. This would be approriate if you have dynamic data that changes regularly.

If you have static data then I found Immerse to be the easiest way. The docs are here

I had a problem where I couldn’t access immerse because I ssh into a remote server. It should have been obvious but I had to open up the ports that MapD operates on. On my install it’s 9092.

Some things I didn’t understand a couple weeks ago, all MapD interactions that I’m aware of are made through an http request. You basically find the port that it’s installed on and post your username, password and database selection and it sends back a session id. Next you basically pass back that session id and an sql query and it will send back results.


Load new data into MapD


hi mdifl
I tried documentation for that library, I’m getting error :confused:


@asha doesn’t look like you’re importing the module. Try adding var MapdCon = require("../dist/node-connector.js") to the top of that file.

As mdifl mentioned, you might want to look at the node example here for an idea of how to establish a connection and send a query.


hey @tai thank you :grinning: