How to duplicate dashboard?


I want to make new dashboard using already existing one.
How to do?



Go to your existing dashboard.

Rename it, by typing over the old name

click save.

You will now have two identical dashboards



It’s awesome.

Then, how to share dashboards with another account?



You would click on the “share” button and send the URL to whom you wish to share your dashboard with,

Documentation here:



Yes. I can view another user’s dashboard as above way, but I cannot edit that.

  • I already gave database access right using “ALTER USER dennis (INSERTACCESS= ‘ginormous’);” - this is just example.



You should be able to edit the other dashboard you just can’t save it currently with the same name, you need to rename it and then save it.

There is no current mechanism to allow two users to collaborate on one dashboard without going through the re-sharing process.

We are currently working toward a much richer security model implementation which will include permissions for dashboards as well. This new model will allow the sharing of a single dashboard where edits by one user are visible to another without re-sharing. Keep watching our upcoming release for that deliverable.