How to edit a dashboard in error?


I got a “Division by zero” error in some chart of a dashboard, but It is impossible to edit the dashboard because I get a “FAILED TO LOAD DASHBOARD” before I can edit whatever or removing any chart.

How could I correct the error without recreating the whole dashboard ?


Hi @camgia,

Sorry to hear that. I’ll pass this on to the engineering team.

However in the short term perhaps you can try starting MapD Core with the --null-div-by-zero=1 flag if it isn’t set already?

That option returns “null on division by zero instead of throwing an exception” and hopefully will make the error disappear. (It was designed precisely to make generating custom dimensions and measures in MapD Immerse easier.)


This sounds a great solution Darwin, I din’t tried that yet, but I’ll definitely do .

Thank you.


Hi Darwin,

I got a different error that doesn’t allow me editing a Dashboard anymore:

Error: Exception: Exception occurred: org.apache.calcite.runtime.CalciteContextException: From line 3, column 456 to line 3, column 460: Column ‘NaN’ not found in any table

The “–null-div-by-zero=1” doesn’t help, how can I avoid to recreate the dashboard from scratch ?

Alternatively, where can I find the dashboard charts definition in order to replicate the custom formulas I wrote in them?